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Interior Car Detailing and Shampoo mi

Deep cleaning is a thorough process that ensures that every inch of the interior of your vehicle is clean and decontaminated. Essentially is bringing your car to its newest condition possible.

When deep clean the interior by using detailing brushes and brushing the dashboard, center console, all doors, door trims, plastics, and trunk plastics. We use safe cleaning agents that will not damage your car.

The carpet floor, mats, and fabric seats will all be deep cleaned shampooed. The shampooing process cleans and extracts dirt that has been trapped in the fabric of your seats, floor and mats.

Deep cleaning cleaning removes smoke smell, mold, or gets rid of stains that the fabric has absorbed. Most of the time the car is brought back to its 95% clean like new. If your car has leather seats we will deep clean and condition the leather back to its newest form.

Fact: Research done by Scientist have discovered that car seats hold more bacteria than a toilet seat. It is recommended that cars get deep cleaned every six months.

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