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Graphene Coating on a Suburban

Hello, Alvaro here! Thanks to all who follow and read these blogs.

This job was exciting for me because it was my first time doing a graphene coating on a suburban. This cars presence is extraordinary in size and prestigious appearance.

When the Suburban arrived to our shop you can tell that it was in mint condition. It is 2021 with no more than 5,000 miles. Surprisingly, even new vehicles get swirls and minor scratches from being transferred from place to place. Although not visible by many, as a Detailer you kind of learn to pay attention to those small details. I swiped my hand on the paint I felt a lot of debris stuck on it.

We immediately sprayed it with decontaminating spray and followed it with a clay bar treatment. after the Claybar treatment the paint felt smooth and ready for some polishing. This car gave me the longest clay bar experience, as well as drying it with how big it is.

I found several minor bird poop stains, swirls and scratches that we had to get rid of before proceeding to apply the graphene coating. I proceeded to cut the paint using a wool pad and the best of the best 3D cutting ACA500.

And just with that first step I was able to fade out the bird poop stain and most of the scratches that I had spotted. I then proceeded to polish the paint I using a 3D polish pad and ACÁ520. Immediately after the polish the paint was swirl free and glossy like if it was just freshly painted.

Last but not least I proceeded to begin applying the graphene coating. We coated everything on the exterior with the exception of the wheels. The photos speak for themselves! The gloss and hydrophobic properties made it impeccable!

The owner of the vehicle was really excited to see the his vehicle again. Brought in a referral which I will work on tomorrow. it’s a Lilcon continental And it will need a lot more work than the suburban. Anyways, I’ll Blog about it also And show you guys the before and after. let’s goooooo!

To conclude, this vehicle was a special experience for me. Black is always a tricky color to work and difficult to maintain. But this black is nice and slick. Almost makes me want to buy a suburban.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions or comments feel free to add it to the comment section.

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I am really grateful for the work done my frnd. When I run my hand over the car it feels smooth. Lovely job. Tnx.

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