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Tinker Auto Detail Shampoo, Waxing, Buffing
Detail Deep Clean

     Interior Deep Clean

     Deep cleaning is a thorough process that ensures that every inch of your vehicle is deep cleaned, shampooed & decontaminated, making a car look new once again. An interior detail deep cleans every inch of the interior of the car. 99% stains and bacteria get removed. You basically get the car back new. Your vehicle will be in perfect condition for you and your family. With Tinker Auto Detailing we guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the end job.

Car Interior detail and deep clean
Seat & Floor Shampoo
Interior deep clean, car looking brand new

Up-keeping Value

     When deep clean the interior by using detailing brushes and brushing the dashboard, center console, all doors, door trims, plastics, and trunk plastics. We use safe cleaning agents that will not damage your car.

     Detailing is important. It extends the life of your vehicle and helps maintain its maximum resale value. We deep clean AND use protectants so that any dirt or stains that get on it your vehicle are easily to wipe off.

  At Tinker Auto Detailing offers membership packages at discounted rates. This way you can regularly reverse your appointment and keep your vehicle fresh and clean.

Engine Bay Cleaning
Car Engine cleaning detailing
Before & After
Car before deep cleaning
interior car condition after interior deep clean and shampoo
Deep leather cleaning before and after

About Deep Cleaning

     The carpet floor, mats, and fabric seats will all be deep cleaned shampooed. The shampooing process cleans and extracts dirt that has been trapped inside your car. It cleans and removes smoke smell, mold, or any stains that your car has. Most of the time the car is brought back to its 95% clean like new. If your car has leather seats we will deep clean and condition the leather back to its newest form. Tinker Auto Detailing & Window Tinting, Ceramic Coating.

Audi after getting ceramic coating completed
Car seat in process of shampoo extraction

Exterior Detail

     Auto exterior details are usually geared towards polishing the paint of the car back its newest condition. The involves swirl, stain, bug tar, dirt and debris removal. Depending on the current condition of your car is what will dictate which process is needed to polish your car. We offer exterior detail which includes stages of decontamination, clay bar, compound and polish. The next level of polishing is a paint correction job which removes minor swirls and scratches. It's a further extensive job which benefits the car in sleek perfect finish. You'll be in love with your car all over again. Tinker Auto Detailing & Window Tinting, Ceramic coating.

     The last stage of polishing is protecting the paint after it's bee  work on. The idea is to make the new polished finish last for ever. This is where we can apply ceramic, wax, or graphene coating. Your car will bead off water and self cleanse itself thus keeping it's glossy wet-like finish for as long as possible.

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