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Our Exterior Detail!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

We’ve made it quick and affordable for you to get your car back to looking new and protected.

The Stages Of Our Exterior Detail

With an exterior detail, your car gets everything it needs to clean and gloss up the paint of your vehicle. We first start your car off with fallout remover to decontaminate the vehicle, the decontamination process is followed by a hand wash using wool hand mitts and a one stage clay process. The final step will will either be a machine compound or polish depending on the condition of your vehicle. To book, select services from the drop down menu and scroll down to “Exterior Detail.”

Gloss and Protection

After getting rid of most imperfections on the paint of your vehicle with the exterior detail. The following stage would be to maintain that shine and protect the paint for as long as possible. we offer different options like hand wax, machine wax, ceramic coating, and graphene coating. Each cost different, use different products, and have some similarities in characteristics, but they all have their own unique properties as well.

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