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Tinker Auto Detailing &Window Tinting
Bronx & Yonkers

We'll make your car Beautiful, inside & out


     Tinker Auto Detailing offers a variety of services that fit your needs. We specialize in interior and exterior car details and window tinting in Yonkers, Westchester NY, and Bronx. 

About us

     We're a small business located in Yonkers, New York. Although we’re small, the results of our work are on a grand scale. If you are in the Westchester County area, come on down to our location and learn about the enhancements you can make to your vehicle. We are located at the intersection of The Bronx and Yonkers, Westchester on Riverdale Ave.

Tinker Auto Detailing's Services

  1. Hand Car Wash

  2. Auto Detailing

  3. Auto Shampoo 

  4. Ceramic Coating

  5. Paint Correction

  6. Window Tinting

  7. Headlight Restoration

  8. Engine Bay Cleaning

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ceramic coating
window tinting and ceramic coating mercedes
convertible window tinting
About Me
window tint job in progress

Car Wash - Standard

     Tinker Auto Detailing's standard wash is our most basic car wash. We insist in auto care and maintenance, and even our standard wash gets a full interior wipe down, vacuum, exterior wash and wheel shine.


Process Includes:

1. Removing all mat’s

2. Vacuum the entire interior  of your car including the trunk and under the seats.

3. Wiping down the dashboard, center console, all doors and door trims. 

4. Degrease & Clean all wheels.

5. Rinse vehicle to remove dirt and dust particles.

6. Perform car wash using scratch free mitts.

     After carefully washing the exterior we once again rinse it with the pressure washer. We then use chamois to absorb all the water and follow it by fully drying it with microfiber towels.

   If your vehicle is ceramic/PPF/graphene protected, we also offer the option to blow dry. At the end, we apply TEC Aqua glow which gives the car an extra shine and protection until the next time you come back.

Tinker Auto Detailing & Deep Cleaning

    Auto Detail cleaning is a thorough process that ensures that every inch of your vehicle is clean and decontaminated. Essentially is bringing your car to its newest condition possible.

     When deep clean the interior by using detailing brushes and brushing the dashboard, center console, all doors, door trims, plastics, and trunk plastics. We use safe cleaning agents that will not damage your car.

     The carpet floor, mats, and fabric seats will all be deep cleaned shampooed. The shampooing process cleans and extracts dirt that has been trapped inside your car. It cleans and removes smoke smell, mold, or any stains that your car has. Most of the time the car is brought back to its 95% clean like new. If your car has leather seats we will deep clean and condition the leather back to its newest form.

interior detail car shampoo
corvette ceramic coating and window tinting
chevy tahoe ceramic coated and window tinted
Maybach interior deep clean

Exterior Details

     Auto exterior details are usually geared towards restoring the paint of the vehicle to its best condition possible which involves swirl, stain, bug tar, dirt and debris removal. Depending on the current condition of your car is what will dictate which process is needed to polish your car. Tinker Auto Detailing offers exterior details which includes stages of decontamination, clay bar, compound and polish. The next level of polishing is a paint correction job which removes minor swirls and scratches. It's a further extensive job which benefits the car in sleek perfect finish. You'll be in love with your car all over again.

     The last stage of polishing is protecting the paint after it's been worked on. The idea is to make the new polished finish last as long as possible by applying a sealant. This is where we can apply ceramic coating, wax, or graphene coating. By applying ceramic coating the pores of vehicle will be covered with a glass like coat which will bead off water and self cleanse itself. The ceramic coating will give your vehicle a glossy wet-like finish for as long as possible. Warrantied by Tinker Auto Detailing.

     We offer ceramic coatings that can last anywhere between one and five years. To read more on putting a ceramic coating on your car click on the ceramic coating link on the home panel.


     Our technicians are highly trained and their attention to detail is like no other.

Window Tinting

     Window tinting is a way to upgrade the way your car looks. Not only does your car look better with tints on it, it'll also look uniform. By applying window film to your car you get a better sense of privacy, UV protection, and in the summer your vehicle does not get as hot.

     At our detailing shop we use a professional cutting plotter and software that cuts the tints to the exact measurement go your vehicle. This means you get a straight perfect cut, and we don't run risks of cutting, scratching or damaging your vehicle.

tesla model y interior detail and window tinted
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Hours Of Operation:

Mon: 9am-6pm

Tues: 9am-6pm

Wed: 9am-6pm

Thurs: 9am-6pm

Fri: 9am-6pm

Sat: 9am-6pm

Sun: Window Tint Only

**Hours vary on holidays. Please call before arriving**

Address: 542 Riverdale Ave 

Yonkers, NY, 10705

Tel: (914) 687-0574‬ 

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